June 1, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How This 16 Year Old Made a Game Development Company Without Funds

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David Eisman, a 16 year old boy had a great passion for games. He was so into video gaming that he wanted to work for a video gaming company. Strange as it may sound, Eisman had no programming experience. As expected, his CV was dumped at every company. They told him that he has got to have something to show, a game developed by him or some programming experience. Disappointed from the companies, Eisman then decided to do something which is the first step in getting famous, wealthy and successful. He decided to stop applying for a job and build his own business. He wanted to basically work as a manager in a video gaming setup. He had ideas, passion and energy.

Leap of Faith

So what did this reckless 16 year old do? He scoured the internet for all the gaming and game programming forums and shared his idea. He told the world that he wanted to hire people who will work in his game development company. But wait, Eisman had no money. Yes! That’s why he decided to give a revenue sharing payment model for …read more

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