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How to change JTL Faiba 4G Mi-Fi SSID and Password

JTL Faiba 4G Mi-Fi SSID and Password

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So you got yourself the Faiba 4G Mi-Fi at a distributor near you, and perhaps they did not set you up with unique SSID (the name of your Wi-Fi network) and password. By default, the network SSID will be something like Faiba4G_084FFC and the default password is 12345678.

Obviously leaving the Wi-Fi login credentials leaves your network easily prone to piggybacking (unauthorized person accessing Wi-Fi network consuming your data and even snooping around your shared folders in your computers). You need to change the network SSID and password to prevent piggybacking and other serious forms of hacking.

Changing the JTL Faiba 4G Mi-Fi SSID and Password

First connect to the Wi-Fi network by turning on the router, and connecting to the network. Open your browser and in the address bar enter and hit the enter button. You will be taken to the web interface of your router and you will be met by an administrator login screen as shown below.

The default username is admin and password is admin. Enter those in their respective text fields and click on the Login button.

On the left panel of …read more

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