April 24, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

How to Clear Cache in Android Phone (for All Apps or a Specific App)

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Cache is the temporary memory space used by the modern devices to store the necessary variables commonly accessed by the user. Cache is used to speed up the performance and avoid complete calls to the back-end servers. But as the time passes, cache clutter could slow down your phone and computers. If you are an Android user and experiencing a problem in which your Android phone is too slow, you can speed up Android Phone by clearing cache.

There are two areas where you can clear cache in Android. There is a system cache of your Android device. All the device data, app data, commonly accessed apps, variables are stored in system cache. You can clear system cache Android. Then there is web cache and a cache for every app. If you connect your Android device to the internet and access websites using browser or app, all the web data, server requests, URLs and cookies are stored in web cache. You can also clear web cache or cache for any specific app in Android to make Android phone fast. Let’s see how to do both these …read more

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