July 3, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to Close All Safari Tabs in iPhone for iOS 10, iOS 8 and iOS 9

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When you are surfing the internet, there is absolutely no limit to tabs which you open. It happens to me every time: I am reading and researching some interesting topic, and land a page which talks about some interesting stuff. I open a new tab to search about the word or term that the article talked about. And the loop just goes on, ending in a complete slowdown of my device and most important, a nuisance to close all the tabs. A lot of users have asked about how to close all tabs at once in iPhone. Thanks to the continuous pressures from iPhone users, Apple has finally rolled out the feature to close all tabs in iOS 10. But for other iOS versions – iOS 9 and iOS 8 – there is no built in way to close all tabs Safari. You have to use a Cydia app (for jailbroken device) or a silly, but useful, workaround. Let’s first find out how to close all Safari tabs in iOS 10 and then move on the older version.

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