July 8, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to Convert XLS to CSV Files Easily (Guide)

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File types matter during our daily work routine in home or office. Excel files lie at the center of today’s productivity work cycle. Tons of data can be stored in the XLS files in Microsoft Excel in a very useful way. But sometimes we need to change these data files to some other types of files. The main reason for this is to make data easy for manipulation and working. CSV (Comma Separated Values) are much like spreadsheet files, but they offer more value and structure to the data. How to convert a XLS file to CSV is a question asked by thousands of people online daily. The answer to this question is pretty easy, and you can convert XLS to CSV within a few clicks. A CSV file gives a table structure to save data. However, it cannot save formulas and it doesn’t assign a different row and column to all the values. A simple coma is used to separate the data. A CSV file could be used easily in many data applications and it is very easy to export or import a CSV …read more

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