April 8, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to Create, Capture Animated GIF of Desktop in Mac, Windows


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Animated Gifs are the zeitgeist of the latest tech and social media world. You can enjoy and share great and hilarious Gifs with your friends. Gifs communicate message; they don’t bore you. They become addictive. Many users asked how to take Gif of desktop. Taking a Gif of desktop might be useful if you want to show a quick process to someone else. For example, you can quickly capture a Gif of your screen where you are performing a few steps in control panel. You could also show a friend how to ace a game stage by showing him how to play a crucial moment in a desktop Gif. Taking animated GIF of desktop is immensely useful. You might need it sometime in the future or now if you are reading this article. This article shows how to take a Gif of desktop. I will show you the best and easy ways to do this.

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Make GIF of Desktop in Mac and Windows

For Mac

If you are a Mac user, taking GIF of desktop has become dead simple with …read more

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