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How to Create GIF from Video for Free in Mac

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GIFs are the zeitgeist of modern tech ecosystem and social media sphere. GIFs are the best way to grab traffic, attention and create fun on social media. Creating GIFs is tricky, especially if you want to create GIFs from videos. We come across countless videos daily which could be used to create different GIFs. All the famous and viral websites incessantly make GIFs out of famous movies. You could do that too. But how? This article illustrates exactly that.

Create GIF from Video for Free

Gif Brewery is a perfect tool for making GIFs out of videos. This tool is for Mac users. This app allows you to create GIF from video whether the video is a movie, clip, shot from your camera or downloaded from YouTube.

Download and install GIF Brewery from Mac app store.

After installation, just click the “open” option from the “File” menu and select the video which you want to convert to GIF.

After video selection, a new window will be opened. Just select the starting and end point and trim the section you don’t want in your GIF.

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