May 24, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to disable Open Wi-Fi notifications on your Android phone

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No doubt Google is hell bent on making its mobile operating system more as user-friendly as possible. Sometimes they make it too user-friendly it becomes annoying. I am talking about those constant notifications on available ‘Open Wi-Fi’ and Wi-Fi.

These days, virtually everywhere you go, there is Wi-Fi connection. Sadly, Wi-Fi connection doesn’t always mean internet connection. Mostly it just businesses (banks, restaurants, etc.) trying to get you view their products and services. Often when you connect to these open Wi-Fi networks, you are more likely to get detailed information about the business than actually get online.

That aside, do you really want to connect to an open Wi-Fi network these days? In the midst of all these cases, you hear of ransomware spreading online like a plague, hackers lurking online waiting on you to make a mistake, and Big Ben watching your every online and digital move? I figure open Wi-Fi is not for everyone, especially those that want online/digital privacy and security.

Nonetheless, your Android phone will keep notifying you of each and every open Wi-Fi network you come across. It tends to get annoying, never …read more

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