November 17, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to enable Opera Turbo mode, now that Opera Soft. is trying to hide it

opera turbo

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Personally I think Opera is one browser that does not gets its fair share of attention in the tech review community as it should. Especially when it comes to the desktop place, the browser is often overshadowed by news about Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and lately Edge and Vivaldi browsers.

However, the case is very different when it comes to the mobile space, particularly in markets where broadband is expensive and unreliable. Opera Software’s Opera Mini rules these waters. That is why most users who use the Opera Mini browsers on their phone, always have Opera browser also installed in their desktop computer.

While its performance on the desktop is a far cry from how it performs on the mobile, users still use it for the very same reason. They want a fast browser that does not consume much data, and that is where Opera Turbo comes in.

Opera Turbo is a data compression tool, Opera Software has baked into its desktop browser, to shrink the sizes of pages; thereby giving users on slow networks, faster speed and less data consumption.

The old version of Opera

However lately the Opera Turbo …read more

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