November 25, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

How to Enable Tab Discarding in Chrome to Make It More Memory Efficient

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Millions of users across the world use Chrome for web browsing and have it as their default browser. It is a smart and sleek browser and coupled with the power of Google prediction, it no doubt makes the life on the web a lot easier. But if you are one of those users who work on many tabs opened on the chrome simultaneously and realize that it is constantly riding onto your memory, getting heavier with every new tab opened, the chrome experience rather becomes a nuisance. Thankfully though, Google has realized this too (may be in a small degree, but still!), and has, in its latest updates, offered us to enable tab discarding in Chrome; an automatic tab discard feature for better memory efficiency.

The Tab Discarding in Chrome feature automatically analyzes the opened tab in the browser and then prioritizes them automatically. The least priority (background) tabs are then discarded in order to lift the burden off memory. The feature is still in its early developmental version (we are hoping better performance in future), but is a decent approach to solve the Chrome …read more

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