February 13, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to find Wi-Fi Password on a Mac Computer

How to find Wi-Fi Password on a Mac Computer

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As you work on your laptop while on the move. You are bound to connect to various Wi-Fi networks across your city or several cities. Each time you log into a new Wi-FI network, your Mac laptop (well even Windows or Linux laptop) keeps in memory each SSID and its associated password for all the Wi-Fi you will have connected to.

After a while, your laptop becomes a digital keychain with passwords for various Wi-Fi network spread out across your city and/or several cities. There may come a time you visit one of the establishments whose Wi-Fi network you have already connected to in the past, and they haven’t changed the password yet.

You may also have with you a new device that has never connected to the given Wi-Fi network before. Of course, you could always ask the management for the Wi-Fi password again, and risk being looked at with a side-eye. As they think you only came to their establishment to freeload on their Wi-Fi internet, or you could simply retrieve it from your Mac laptop that already has the password.

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