June 18, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

How to Get Google Calendar in iPhone and iPad

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Google Calendar is a great tool for the productivity enthusiasts, busy entrepreneurs, employees and anyone want to stay updated and on time on events, work and life. A lot of users have asked about how to get Google Calendar in iPhone. There are many calendar apps, but nothing comes even close to Google Calendar. This is precisely the reason why everyone wants Google Calendar of his/her phone. Well, the good news is that Google Calendar is available for iPhone and iPad as a standalone app. This was launched by Google earlier this year after a great wait and anticipation.

Get Google Calendar in iPhone and iPad

Download the Google Calendar app in iPhone or iPad.

You will need to use a Gmail id to sign in for this app. But the rest could be used with the Calendar email id you are using in your device. The app smartly makes lists, reminders based on the emails you get. Suppose you get a confirmation for the flight email, the app will add the reminder to the calendar. You can also add reminders manually against every date. You …read more

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