September 7, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to go Black on Twitter by turning on the Dark Mode on the Web

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If you like most people and I, you sleep with your phone right beside your bed, and the lights off. In case you are not able to get a shut eye, you probably turn to your phone to kill time. However, when your phone’s screen lights up in the dark room, your feels like it is staring directly into the Sun.

While, a white background can be great at times, but a little ‘black light’ goes a long way in comforting your eyes while in the dark, and sure makes reading stuff on the screen a lot easier. No wonder the black mode is now becoming a trend; you have seen Microsoft giving users that option with the latest Windows 10 versions.

Twitter’s mobile app (on both iOS and Android) for a while now automatically turn on the dark mode when night time kicks in. And now, the dark mode is being rolled out on Twitter on the web.

How to turn on Dark Mode on Twitter for Web

While the Twitter mobile applications turn dark mode automatically when night time arrives, this feature is just being rolled out …read more

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