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How to Hide Photos in iPhone and iPad

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We all have some photos in our phones which we don’t want our friends to see right? The private photos you have in your iPhone could make you embarrassed in your friends and family if you don’t do something about hiding them. Let’s face it: we all have silly people around us who take your iPhone to make a call or see one pic, but then quickly start sifting through all your photos. You can hide specific photos in your iPhone and iPad. This way, you can hide the private photos you have whenever you are going out, or people are coming around you. You can unhide these photos whenever you want. The method I will mention in this article requires its implementation on every photo you want to hide manually. Yes, there are some apps around which can lock photos with passwords, hidden folders and all that, but I want to talk about the method which uses no third party app and retain everything clean and private.

How to Hide Photos in iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to hide specific photos in iPhone and iPad.

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