April 7, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How to hide Private Photos on iPhone

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These days at a moment’s notice you take out your smartphone and take a snap of whatever is going on. By doing so, you make that moment immortal; it can last through all time. That should be a good thing generally, and perhaps something you want to share with others. Except when what you captured is sensitive and something you wouldn’t want just any eyes and ears to see and hear.

If you have an iPhone, there’s a way you can hide those photos you wouldn’t want others to see. Think of it like opening an underground chamber in your photo gallery, one only you know about, and where you place all the little dirty secrets, you would die before letting the world know.

#1 – Use the Hide feature in Photos App

iPhones have for long come with a Photos app that has an inbuilt capability of hiding photos and videos. Though it will only hide the specified photo or video from your Moments, Years, and Collections view. They will also not appear in your albums; they will only be accessible in the new ‘Hidden’ album.

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