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How To Maximize Your Holidays In 2016?

How to maximize your holidays in 2016?

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The New Year has arrived. We are probably all feeling pretty relaxed after a festive season and excited about new challenges of 2016. Many of us will be planning this year’s holiday upfront, thus it is good to know when and how we can maximize our time off. Experts from

Diani Beach, source: boomsbeat.com

For those who fancy long weekends, the first one is fast approaching in March. With March 25th being a Good Friday and March 28th being the Easter Monday, you can get up to 4 days to go up country! It’s enough time to visit a national park with your friends or family or spend some time in Diani Beach relaxing by the Ocean. If you decide to take only 4 days off, you could even decide to extend it and go on a 9-day trip (19-27 March).

1st June brings us the Madaraka Day. It is Wednesday, which means taking two days off on 2nd and 3rd, will prolong your holiday up to 5 days (1-5 June). You can use that time for visiting Lake Victoria and relax by the shore.

Thursday, …read more

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