August 25, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to Move your Apps from Internal Storage to SD Card [Android Devices]

move apps to sd card

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It is rather surprising just how many people have to put up with a slow and freezing smartphone; which defeats the purpose of having one. Your phone is supposed to unburden your problems; connect you faster and conveniently while you are on the go. It doesn’t make sense for it to be frustrating you.

Well, if your phone is freezing up often and things just don’t open/close as snappy as they used to when it was new. It could be you have too much stuff on the internal memory, and it is time to do some cleanup.

For starters don’t keep files longer than you need to; it is hard to remember to delete a document you downloaded to your phone three months down the line, but you could set a reminder to tell you to delete some of your un-needed files.

Most entry-level smartphones come with paltry storage ranging between 4 – 8 GB, yet not even 16GB would be considered enough for most people. Those high res photos, videos, music library, apps, and multiple mobile games, it would be easy to max out 16GB. Fortunately, most …read more

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