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How to Post GIFs on Instagram

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Instagram can be a pretty entertaining and sometimes informative platform; with all those fun pictures and videos. However, as you might have already noticed, you cannot share GIFs on that platform.

Instagram was designed for two things; still pictures and videos. GIF is neither a still picture, and though it is pictures in motion, it doesn’t quite work the same way as videos. Long story short, you cannot share GIFs on Instagram, unless you use a hack; such as the one we are going to show you.

Posting GIFs on Instagram

Now that we have established that it is impossible to post GIFs on Instagram as you would a typical picture or video. Let’s dive into this hack that let you do so.

You will need to install the Giphy app on your mobile device. You can download the Android version or the iOS version from here and here respectively. Giphy app gives you a workaround that GIF restrictions by converting it into a video, and as you already know; you will have no problems posting videos on Instagram.


Ø Open the Giphy app and then search for …read more

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