July 11, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How to recovers deleted WhatsApp Photos and Videos

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These days, it is becoming less and less common to hear cases of people losing their digital photos. If you happen to delete a photo or video accidentally, chances are high; you can log into your cloud storage account, and download the deleted photo or video again. This trick works mainly if you have automatic sync turned on for the folder where you keep your photos or videos.

You probably did not know that you can also recover deleted WhatsApp photos and videos. Yes, you can recover them, provided you did not delete them (in the first place) from the WhatsApp app itself.

Android devices

The WhatsApp app for Android works slightly different from the iOS version. If you have disabled automatic download of multimedia (videos, photos, music, and documents). Whenever someone sends you these files (or it is sent in a WhatsApp group), you will see them as blurred thumbnail with a download icon, and an indication of the size of the file.

Once you tap on the download icon, the file will download to your Android device’s storage, and you will get to see the video, photo, …read more

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