October 12, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to rename your Windows 10 PC

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When you have more than one computer on your local network, it is important to give them each a unique name. Doing so helps in identifying them easily in your network. It also helps not just when you have networked your computer, but also when you are using a Bluetooth connection. Giving your PC a name you readily identify with, makes it easy for you and other users to identify your PC when connecting devices via Bluetooth.

By default, Windows will give a PC a name, but it might be a generic name that you not only readily identify, but if you have multiple PCs, it can easily get confusing. The default names Windows gives PCs include User or Desktop ‘xlfjeosufe’. Now supposing you have multiple PCs on the same network, and they are all named ‘User,’ or ‘Desktop xlfjeosufe’ how will you tell one from the other?

Changing the name of your PC

Therefore, to remove this ambiguity, it is important that you customize the name of each PC in your network. Well, it also goes a long way in personalizing your own PC; most people would …read more

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