January 31, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How to save money with remittances to Africa

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International money transfers to Africa are rising. There are good reasons for that.

With the choice of the right online money transfer provider you can even save a high amount of remittance fees!

Here, we review the latest options to send money home using international currency transfers (also called remittances) and smartphone applications. If you are living away from your home country or have migrated for work reasons, read on – these suggestions may help to save you time and bank charges if you wish to send money home.

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Mobile money remittances

Mobile money remittance services are a genuine game-changer for those who are abroad (such as Diaspora or migrants and refugees) and are looking for a quick, convenient and simple service to send money home, especially to or from African and Arabic countries. Historically, banks have charged high fees but more recently, innovative and enterprising currency transfer companies have made migration easier with a reasonably priced service.

The worldwide market for currency transfer …read more

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