April 2, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to Show Hidden Files on Windows 8/10

Show Hidden Files

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For all the bashing Windows 8/8.1 was receiving, not even the extremist critic would disagree that compared to earlier Windows, it has pretty good File Explorer equipped with a lot of features. That is one feature that Microsoft kept moving from Windows 8 and Windows 10.

However, you would be surprised just how many PC users don’t know the quick access features available on the File Explorer menu bar. One such feature is the Hide and un-Hide files and folders features. A lot of people still think the only way to get to it is by digging deep into the Control Panel settings.

Hidden Files on Windows 8 and 10

Open the File Explorer‘s ribbon and on the View tab, and on the Show/Hide section click on the checkbox next to Hidden items.

File Explorer will remember this setting and will keep showing all hidden files until such a time you change it.

How to view Operating System’s protected Files on Windows 8 and 10

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