April 25, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S7, S7 Edge for Free

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android phones released to date. This masterpiece is on its way to become the most famous Android phones with record breaking orders. Its features are amazing: a steel body with a sports camera, amazing internal storage and high speed processor. Many users are ordering Samsung Galaxy S7 from websites or buying them locally. As expected it has a huge price tag, around $700. But you can dwindle this cost if you buy Samsung Galaxy S7 from a service provider. They give an installment plan on contract, but the condition is that the SIM is locked with the service provider, which means you will have to use the SIM of the service provider until all the installments are complete. This results in strange quandary. What if you have to travel, what if you just want to use the SIM of some other service provider for some period of time. This will frustrate many users. But you will be happy to know that you can SIM unlock Galaxy S7 pretty easily.

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