January 20, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

How to speed up a slow Windows 10 PC

windows 10 pC

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Compared to computers that came and still run Windows 7, Windows 10 PCs are significantly faster. That is because, over the years, PC hardware and software have gotten faster. However, with time, your PC becomes bogged down and starts running slow; something that can be frustrating.

We earlier looked at a utility software – MacKeeper – for speeding up a slow MacBook. In this, we are going to explore at some simple DIY tips for speeding up a slow Windows 10 PC. If you are feeling frustrated with your slow PC, try the following tips:

#1- Have an SSD Startup Drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is faster than the mechanically rotating conventional hard drive. By installing an SSD as your startup drive, you will notice a significant increase in speed during boot time and starting programs.

The read/write speed of an SSD is much higher compared to the mechanical hard drive.

#2 – Remove all Crapware

‘If I don’t use it, I remove it.’ Repeat that again! Most computers come preinstalled with software by the PC maker, which are supposedly supposed to keep you protected and productive. …read more

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