June 6, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to Stop my Android from Killing Apps in the Background

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How to stop my Android from killing apps in the background

Android users are facing one of the common problems, i.e. apps are killed in the background. When users open an app and leave it minimized, it kills it, even the permanent notifications from apps like antivirus app. This issue can rear its head in many ways. If a person is multitasking between a few apps, suddenly one reloads, and he loses his place. Based on user experiences, here are mentioned a few solutions to tackle this issue faced by Android users:

  • Check if the ‘Developer Options’ is enabled because there is an option here that limits the number of apps running in the background. If so, make sure that any option under ‘apps’ is switched off, like ‘don’t keep activities’ or ‘background process limit’.
  • Android kills apps if it needs the RAM that the app is using. Check for the RAM cleaner apps installed on mobile phones, such as, Malware apps, file explorer apps, battery monitor apps etc.
  • Facebook is another resource sucker. Check in the ‘Developers Options’ for the RAM being used for this app.
  • Delete ‘English …read more

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