September 22, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to Tag a Person(s) in a WhatsApp Group Chat

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Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can now tag a person on WhatsApp. The second best thing that popular messaging app has introduced after the ‘WhatsApp Quotes,’ which allows you to quote a message sent previously.

Actually, the tag thing is the first best thing, followed by WhatsApp Quotes. Given with tags, it is now easy to address a message to a particular member of WhatsApp group. Tagging a person makes things a lot easier in the midst of the thousands of other messages constantly being sent in those groups.

You could have asked a question on the group, and the next time you come back, there could have been hundreds of other messages sent to the group. To find your questions and messages addressing your question will be a painstaking process of scrolling and reading each and every message. Mercy be upon you if the group has multiple members who like sending irrelevant messages to the group.

With the tag function, you simply press the ‘@’ sign and tag a particular person the message is meant for; although all the group members will see the message. …read more

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