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How to Turn off, Disable Autocorrect in iPhone and Mac OS X

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You are typing a message to your mom or friend, you press ‘Send’ after the long message and find out that the damned autocorrect feature made the word “sox” to “Sex” only to your utter embarrassment. Then you have to message an apology again and type “it was silly autocorrect” or something like that. That’s is why you should disable or turn off autocorrect for good. It is better to send a misspelled word instead of a bad or embarrassing word. Autocorrect feature in iPhone was designed with the best intentions: to save you from writing wrong words and suggesting you with the text that suits the context of your chat. But autocorrect has become a nuisance lately. Mac has also an autocorrect feature which corrects your text when you are typing documents, emails or doing chatting. Let’s see how to disable, turn off autocorrect in iPhone or Mac.

Turn Off, Disable Autocorrect in iPhone, Mac

Disable Autocorrect in iPhone

Just launch Settings in your iPhone or iPad and go the “General” tab.

Now you will see a section named “Keyboards”. Tap on it and you will see …read more

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