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How to Turn Off, Disable Autoplay Videos in Twitter in iPhone and Web

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Like Facebook, Twitter also recently announced autoplay videos, which turns on the videos, GIFs, Vine videos automatically whenever you pass by it while scrolling. I hate this feature, and I am sure most of you also don’t like this, as it is a clear nuisance. Most of the times, users want on-demand content on social media platforms. We don’t want videos to enigmatically start playing without our consent. Also, Twitter’s autoplay feature is included mostly for the ads revenue. Luckily, you can turn off Twitter autoplay videos easily using the native feature. Here’s how to turn off and disable autoplay videos on Twitter in your iPhone and web.

Turn Off Twitter Autoplay Videos on Web

Note: Twitter has not yet rolled out the autoplay video feature for Android device.

Launch Twitter website.

Click your profile image thumbnail on the top right corner. Click “Settings” from the list.

In the middle of the screen; under the content tab, you will see “Video Tweets” with a checkbox with it for Video Autoplay. Just uncheck it.

Click “Save Changes” button.

That’s it. This was how to turn off and disable Twitter autoplay videos in …read more

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