September 3, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

How to Turn Off LED lights (Power and Drive lights) on your Desktop PC

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The thing about desktop PCs, they are kinda loud and tend to heat up the room, especially where there is no proper ventilation. For the loudness, I would recommend trying changing the fans for those that are quiet, but then there is only so much you can; the heavier and more apps you run, the louder the fan is going to get. For the heat, well, it never advisable to stay in a room not so well ventilated.

However, this article is going to look at how to turn off the LED lights on your desktop PC. Typically, you find two LED lights; one for the power and the other for the hard drive. It might be useful to turn them off for some users; especially people working in studios. So how do you go about it?

Option 1 – The Easy Way: Just Cover up the Lights

Not all solutions need to be technical; of course! Just get a duct tape and cover the LED lights. Sure, your computer is going to look ugly like Frankenstein being pieced together using staple pins and duct tape, but it …read more

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