February 22, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to turn off Mac’s Keyboard backlit during inactivity

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Backlit keyboard has been the trademark of Apple’s laptops. When you envision a MacBook, you probably first think of a backlit Apple logo at the back and backlit keyboards at the front.

The lights serve a very important role in helping you see the keys better when using your computer in the dark. If you have been using a QWERTY keyboard for long, you might think you no longer need to see where the keys are located, since you know them like the back of your hand. However, there are those special keys we don’t regularly use and thus our muscle memory still doesn’t have them pinned down.

How to turn off Keyboard Backlight

As useful as the backlight on a keyboard can be, there are situations where they are nothing more than a distraction and a nuisance. Take, for instance, you are binging a movie on Netflix at night. You will want the room to be dark, and the only lights should be from the computer screen.

However, with a MacBook laptop, the keyboard as well will be emitting light. This light will not only be a distraction …read more

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