June 24, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

How to Upload 360 Degree Videos to Facebook and YouTube


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Facebook and YouTube videos have become a complete phenomenon around the globe. Billions of hours of video content are uploaded on these two platforms and billions of people watch them everyday. 360 degree video is an innovation that has been introduced just recently in Facebook and YouTube. If you haven’t watched a 360 video on Facebook, I would suggest you to do that as it is a treat to watch. 360 video Facebook or YouTube gives you a complete view of the scene from all sides. So if you are planning to upload a video of your party or trip, it is best to upload 360 degree video on Facebook or YouTube and your friends will be impressed. But wait, how to upload a 360 degree video on Facebook, YouTube? Yes! The process is not like the normal video uploading.

Upload 360 Degree Videos to Facebook and YouTube

on Facebook

According to Facebook, in order for you to upload a 360 video, the video file which you are uploading must have a 360 video metadata in the file. If you are capturing the video which has a spherical …read more

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