February 13, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to use Google Docs completely offline

How to use Google Docs completely offline

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Google has baked Google Docs to be an extremely productive and fine word processor. It can easily replace Microsoft Word or any other word processor out there, and not just because it is available for free. It is as powerful and rich with features as any other word processor out there. But also because it is quite powerful, with rich features.

However, to fully enjoy the web application, you need to use Google’s Chrome browser. Not that other browsers will not do, but Google Doc was designed from the ground-up to run best on Chrome. And by default, some elements of Google Docs can run offline on the Chrome browser, which is something you cannot get on any other browser.

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Speaking of which, if you would like to use Google Doc offline. You will discover that is not entirely possible. You might keep using the web app offline if your internet connection end mid-way after starting using the app. However, if you boot up your computer and try using the web app without any internet connection. You …read more

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