December 15, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

How to Use Split View on iPad For Multitasking

Use Split View on iPad For Multitasking 1

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Since the launch of iPad Pro coupled with the release of iOS 9, creativity and productivity has been the focal point of Apple, and they have done some quite amazing things to achieve that. A Split View on iPad is one such feature which allows you to multitask by dividing the screen in two, and lets you work on two apps simultaneously.

Using Split View on iPad is pretty easy and we’ll tell you how you can use it on your iPad.

Use Split View on iPad

  • To start with, simply open an app on your iPad.
  • Now, to add another app to the screen, swipe you finger from the right edge of your iPad to the left side on screen.
  • You will now have a Slide Over screen with multiple apps available to choose from.
  • Choose the app you want to open. It will open and cover a portion of the screen along with the already opened app.


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