October 20, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

HP And 3M Partner To Make Integrated Privacy Screen For Your Laptop

HP And 3M Partner To Produce Native Privacy Screens For Your Laptops

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Have you ever found yourself in that situation ; you’re busy finishing up your work on your laptop while in a public place. It could be a restaurant, a cafe, or sited on your seat in a bus or an airplane.

Then there is that nosy person sited behind you or beside you, and they keep eyeballing your screen as if you had invited them over to your computer. This invasion of privacy can sometimes be very critical if the information on your screen is not something you would want just any eyes to be privy to. You either confront the person with a bad eye letting them know, you know they are staring at your information, or just close your laptop and wait until you have more privacy to use your laptop.

This invasion of privacy in public places is something most laptop and tablet users experience when they are out in public. HP and 3M have partnered to build an integrated built-in privacy screens into some laptops that user scan turn on and off at the push of a button. HP said that the privacy …read more

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