April 6, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

HP Unveils The Spectre 13.3, A Super Slim Notebook (AAA Battery-Thin)

The HP Spectre 13.3 Super Slim Notebook (AAA Battery-Thin)

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It’s official; this week marks the end of the one-year reign of Apple’s 2015 MacBook as the thinnest notebook in the world. All thanks to HP’s new Spectre 13.3.

On this one, HP has moved away from its traditional plain silver notebooks to jewelry- or artistically-inspired design with the Spectre 13.3 laptop. This notebook is 10.4mm thick, about the size of the AAA battery, making it both the slimmest notebook in HP’s portfolio and still the slimmest in the world; unseating Apple’s 2015 MacBook.

In other words, if you enjoyed the smallness that came with Apple’s 12-inch MacBook that came out last year, HP Spectre 13.3 is its bigger screen version, with more horsepower and some bling-bling on it.

HP Spectre 13.3 Review

The Spectre is currently the thinnest notebook in town, but it is not the lightest as it weighs 2.45 pounds. However, it is quite the eye catcher with tapered copper accents inspired by jewelry or perhaps women’s handbag. You might dismiss it for being designed to appeal to the fairer sex, but HP says the rose gold color is more of a …read more

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