March 16, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Instagram Changes; Feeds Will No Longer Come In Chronological Order

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If you are an avid Facebooker, then you probably saw this coming. Instagram feeds will start showing out of order.

By out of order I mean, you will no longer get feeds on Instagram based on chronological order. Instead, the feeds will start showing depending on their popularity and other social signals. Much like how Facebook feeds nowadays shows up.

Instagram has been one of the very few social networks that show feeds strictly on their chronological orders. Well, except for those sponsored posts that do intersperse your timeline feeds. The social network currently boasts of over 400 million users worldwide, and all of them will have to adapt to the upcoming Facebook-like way of getting their feeds on Instagram.

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Instagram will use a new algorithm that will determine the type of posts you want to see whenever you open the app. The posts you see first will be determined by your earlier interactions with the users posting those posts, or perhaps the time of day and just how popular the post has become.

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