July 26, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Introducing the new USB 3.2 with twice the speed of current USB Type-C

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We have reached officially reached the next level of evolution of USB connection technology. This development comes after the USB Promoter Group made the official announcement of the new USB 3.2.

The new USB 3.2 comes with one major update from the USB 3.1. It has a multi-lane operation on hosts and devices making it carry twice the bandwidth of current SuperSpeed Type-C cables. Unlike USB 3.1, which had both hosts and devices designed to use a single lane and with SuperSpeed cables designed with multi-lane though the devices they connect to on both ends have not support for it.

With USB 3.2 upcoming certified hosts and devices will have support for multi-lane operations and enable existing cables have twice the speed when connected to them. As it works out, with USB 3.2, a two lane 5Gbps on a USB 3.0 will now support 10Gbps, and a 10Gbps will support 20Gbps.

You should know that the current SuperSpeed USB Type-C you currently have has the capacity for dual-land operations. Perhaps to make thing a bit clearer, the USB Promoter Group says that when a USB 3.2 host is …read more

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