September 11, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

iPhone 8 Specs and Features Leaked out

iphone 8

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There have been numerous news purporting to have the leakage on Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8. It turns out, what you thought you know about the iPhone 8 from the leaks, might not be half the truth of the specs and features on this phone.

Well, forget all you have heard or read about the iPhone 8 and listen to the leak from within Apple. Apparently, there is a ‘disgruntled employee’ at the Cupertino company has released a treasure trove of information on the iPhone 8. Putting the rumors and guesses to rest, giving us ‘almost’ reliable leaks as follows:

Six Core Apple A11: As you may know, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus run on a six core A10 chip. Apple has fitted the next generation of the chip the A11 in the iPhone 8 but still with a six core design.

Wireless Charging: This is a feature that has been widely speculated to feature on the next iPhone, and it will be there, although with a small difference. The iPhone 8 will feature the Q1 wireless charging technology but will be incompatible with …read more

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