August 29, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Is Chromebook for you or not? 3 Reasons For and 1 Reason Against

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Most people ask if they can use Chromebook for their daily computing needs. Well, the best answer to such a question is actually another question, ‘Does your life revolve around Google?’

You will be surprised at just how many people depend on Google for their day-to-day work and personal duties. Be it Google Mail, Google Apps, Google Drive, and Google Calendar just to mention a few. Even users who have their heads buried inside the Windows or Mac ecosystems, they are using Google apps to carry out most of their tasks.

So for most users, the Chromebook is actually a good choice device, as it is made by the same company (Google) whose applications you rely on heavily for your daily computing needs.

Why you should use a Chromebook

Ø From a general point of view, Chrome OS devices are cheaper than either Windows or Mac OS computers. So if you are working on a shoe string budget, a Chromebook should be your first choice of device as they are generally more affordable.

Ø Do you do all your work within the browser? If yes, chances are …read more

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