October 13, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

ISIS now using [suicide] self-destructing drones to attack enemies

ISIS now using suicide self-destructing drones to attack enemies

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The term suicide bombing was a name associated with terrorism activity where a terrorist will strap him/herself with explosive and blow up near their target(s). It has now emerged; there is an innovation terrorist could be using that will achieve the same result without sacrificing themselves in the process.

In what was termed as a new effort by the organization by Pentagon. ISIS fighters earlier this month set up a booby-trap on a commercial drone and used it to kill two Kurdish fighters. That according to report by The New York Times.

The said drone was shot down while flying in Northern Iraq and taken to the outpost for investigations. During its disassembly, the drone exploded and killed two Kurdish fighters. Reports by Le Monde say that also two French soldiers in the Special Forces were also injured during the explosion.

Previously, ISIS has used cheap drones to conduct surveillance, but this latest event, of booby-trapping drones, showed they have up their ante of drone application. To a possibly even more dangerous levels.

In the past, ISIS has attempted at least twice to use exploding drones on …read more

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