October 13, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Jovago Signs Deal to Boost Rural Hotel Visibility

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Travel Creations, a renowned travel agency celebrated both its 20th anniversary and special Travel Products Day with a new partnership positioned to boost their rural inventory. This new partnership between the company and leading online hotel platform, Jovago.com will ensure that travelers headed to remote regions have easy access to hotels.

Not too long ago, the duties of a travel agent were almost limited to making arrangements for visa, reserving flights and making sure transport was on ground at the point of need. Changing travel trends and traveler behaviors has undoubtedly created a rise and growth in the travel business. More than ever, travel suppliers are now coming up with fresh strategies, new concepts and value-added services that seek to add a Midas touch to the total experience.

This, as Aisha Yahya, Business Development Manager at Travel Creations Limited explains means that travel suppliers must creep out of the conventional to adapt technology, develop personalized services and create channels that are in compliance with emerging trends.

Speaking during the Travel Creations Product Day that sort to showcase different products and packages for local and international …read more

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