October 12, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Jumia launches Jumia Global to go after MallforAfrica’s market

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Africa is experiencing a fast-growing middle class; especially in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania just to mention a few. This growing middle class comes with a big appetite for consumer goods such as electronics, home appliances and gadgetry that have some of the world’s biggest brands.

Unfortunately, the majority of big brands for consumer products don’t ship their products directly to countries in Africa. Therefore, you find consumers (willing and able to purchase these global brands product) being locked out of consuming that product because they cannot readily buy the product.

In the old days, such consumers had to wait until they hear a family or a friend is traveling to Western Countries like the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. among others, and request them to purchase these products for them. However, that has since changed with the proliferation of smartphones and internet.

There are numerous sites operating across Africa that enable consumers to buy goods from Western e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon. The site facilitates the payment and the shipment of the goods from these Western countries-based e-commerce sites to the consumers in …read more

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