August 10, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Kaspersky withdraws its European antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft

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Antivirus vendor, Kaspersky, has decided to drop its European antitrust lawsuit against software giant Microsoft. This development comes after Microsoft agreed to make changes in its upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that will appease third party antivirus vendors like Kaspersky, who have been complaining of being shortchanged in the recent Windows 10 versions.

Kaspersky first filed a complaint against Microsoft in June, leveling accusations against the software giant that it disables its antivirus software in Windows upgrades. Kaspersky further accused Microsoft of abusing its market dominance to “fiercely promote” its own antivirus, Windows Defender.

In late June, Microsoft came forth and admitted that indeed Windows 10 does prompt users to install a new version of antivirus from third parties like Kaspersky. However, it first disabled older version if they were not compatible with the new upgraded Windows.

Now, Microsoft says it “will work more closely with AV vendors to help them with compatibility reviews in advance of each feature update becoming available to customers.

Microsoft says, going forward, it will provide more visibility of the next scheduled Windows 10 updates to give AV vendors enough time to make …read more

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