September 9, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Kenya-based Nailab Unveils 6 Startups Joining Its Accelerator Program

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Kenya’s Nailab, a startup accelerator has made public the list of six lucky startups that will be joining its upcoming accelerator program that will run for about five months.

A statement made by Nailab reads: “We are pleased to welcome the sixth batch of startups into the program. It will be a great process for the startups and ourselves to see the products go through a complete product evolution in the six months of incubation.”

The six startups will be taken through product development phase to tweak their products, followed by business process and business development training in that order.

The startups that qualified for selection range from sports betting startups to research organization. The diversity in terms of the various startups from various industries underscores the importance incubators and accelerators in sparking growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in the economy. Some of the startups include, Project Cipher, Jambo Car, Mobu Limited, Nibet, and Dial-a-Maid.

Earlier this year, Nailab underwent a restructuring process that now allows it to enroll startups four times a year. Previously, the startups enrolled just two times a year. The accelerator program will kick off …read more

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