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Kenya Cultural Festivals

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Kenya, houses parts of the largest lake in Africa, Lake Victoria, has some of the highest mountain peaks in Africa, Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro, and incredible shores at the Indian Ocean.

It is also home to some of the most diverse group of ethnic people in the world, with each group having its own unique cultural practices, values and events. By all right, Kenya is a melting pot of beautiful flora and fauna, people, culture and nature.

Each ethnic group has a different culture from the other, and most perform their cultural practices religiously. At times, these cultural practices may go against the law of Kenya as currently constituted or breed animosities and war among neighboring communities.

Nonetheless, these cultural practices sometimes do promote a peaceful coexistence among the neighboring communities. That is exactly what online hotel book service has listed down to help you know the different cultural festivals in Kenya.

Rusinga Island Festival

In the western Kenya tourism circuit this is a major event, attracting visitors from all corners of the country. It is a celebration of the Suba culture. They celebrate through music, …read more

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