September 14, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Kenya Eyes Nuclear Power Generation And Strikes A Deal With China

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In line with the East African nation’s plans to install a nuclear power generator by 2025, Kenya has signed an agreement with China. This is according to a statement made by the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB) on September 10th.

According to KNEB, Kenya plans to have a nuclear power plant supplying 1,000MW of power by 2025. Once achieved, the country will further aim at improving nuclear energy generation to up to 4,000MW by the year 2033.

Kenya is indeed planning to make nuclear power generation “ a key component of the country’s energy” production. In the memorandum of understanding signed between Kenya and China, it was agreed that the latter will send nuclear power generation experts to Kenya. The experts will train and oversee capacity building in preparedness for nuclear power generation in Kenya.

KNEB further added that Kenya has already signed a cooperation agreement with South Korea and Slovakia to partner in its nuclear energy generation ambitions. As part of the already signed deal, more than 10 Kenyan students are already taking nuclear power engineering lessons in South Korea.

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