October 23, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Linux vs. Windows – which one is best?

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The title is somewhat misleading. When it comes to computers, just like many other electronic devices, there is no one size fits all. Different users find different devices appropriate for them depending on the tasks they are running and their technical skills among other factors.

Though all factors held constant, things are never created equal, and today we are pitting Windows 10 versus Linux. The table below locks and the strengths and weaknesses of both operating systems.




Here, we are talking about free and open source tools. The Linux kernel and GNU utilities and libraries that come with most Linux distributions are free. You can download them now and for free; although some corporate companies pay to Linux distributions with support.

On average, Windows cost between $99 and $199 depending on the version. Although when Microsoft launched Windows 10, it was available as a free upgrade for users using licensed Windows 8 and 7.


Linux has made a name for itself for being …read more

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