December 28, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

List of tweaks Uber has made to its app to ward off competition

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The taxi hailing business had become a lucrative business attracting numerous players. Currently, the market is saturated, and the existing players are entangled in a fierce battle, with each trying to eat into the other’s market share. Veterans like Uber have lost some grounds over the year, but are fiercely guarding their current market share.

Some of the tricks Uber has been using to maintain its market and ward off the rising competition include price cuts, which has seen its drivers go on strike and enlist to the competitor’s platform in their thousands. Another trick the company has been using is improving commuter’s experience while using the Uber mobile app.

The company has tweaked its app a couple of times in 2017 in a bid to improve UX, as a means of warding off competition. Yet again, the company has tweaked the app again, all in the name of getting you (the commuter) have an easier time calling a taxi on the Uber app that you won’t fathom using any other app. Is it enough, though?

Some of the new features Uber has rolled out on its app:

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