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MacRebur – The Scotich startup making Roads using waste Plastics

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Of the 10,000 startups that competed in the 2016 Virgin Voom competition, a Scottish startup MacRebur emerged the winner and bagged the £1 million. MacRebur came up with an innovative way of turning plastic waste into an alternative to bitumen used in the binding of stones when laying up a road surface.

The startup was founded in January 2016, and of now it has laid up plastic roads on runways at the Carlisle Airport, and roads in Cumbria and Dumfriesshire. The company has patented a product called MR6, a technology they use to turn plastic waste into a bitumen alternative for road construction.

At #MacRebur, we’ve found one simple way with which we intend to solve three world challenges #TuesdayMotivation:

— MacRebur (@MacRebur) March 28, 2017

Their product commercial application has the effect of killing two birds with one stone. It solves the menace of the non-biodegradable plastic wastes polluting the environment. At the same time reducing the cost of road construction and maintenance. A certain case of double win!

The startup won the praise of Virgin boss Richard …read more

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