August 19, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Make Windows 10 Start Menu Look Exactly Like Windows 7 Start Menu (Trick)

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Our beloved Start Menu is back in Windows 10. But many of you might be feeling nostalgic for Windows 7 Start Menu. Start Menu of Windows 7 was more thin, clean and clutter free. The basic factor which makes Windows 10 start menu apparently more congested is the fact that it has some built-in tiles pinned with it. These “Live Tiles” have their own peculiar and useful features and make you a fast and power-user of the system. For example, you have Flipboard, Office tiles pinned with Windows 10 start menu. As soon as you will open the start menu in Window 10, these tiles will be opened, giving the unclean and full look. These tiles cover a lot of area. Albeit you can resize the tiles easily, but even the small size adds to the clutter. But here is the good news: you can unpin all the tiles to make your Windows 10 start menu look exactly like Windows 7 start menu.

Unpin all Tiles from Windows 10 Start Menu and Make it Look like Windows 7 Start Menu

In order to unpin a tile from …read more

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